• Maker Interview: Marie Rayma of Humblebee & Me


    We sat down with Marie Rayma of Humblebee & Me?for a Maker Interview. Her guides are beautiful. Get to know her below!

    Snapguide: How did you get into blogging?
    Marie: I started blogging so I’d have to keep doing the things I love—having a blog forces me to be accountable to my readers, so I need to make time to develop new recipes and play in the kitchen. It’s the perfect excuse?

    S: What do you like doing in your free time, besides making awesome projects?
    M: When I’m not making/sewing/cooking/DIYing, I love cycling, going to yoga, reading, and enjoying a few pints on a patio with friends. I also love traveling, and I’m always dreaming about my next trip.

    S: What’s your favorite material to work with?
    M: I’m terrible at favourites, but right now I’m really loving clay—French Green in particular. It’s amazing in soap and face masks, and my complexion has never been better since incorporating it into my weekly routine.

    S: Oh we’ll have to try clay soon! Any guides coming up that you’re excited about?
    M: I’m working on a new lip stain recipe, and I’m planing on spending some time this summer working on liquid foundation and a better concealer recipe. Fingers crossed something works out!

    S: Who is your favorite maker on Snapguide right now?
    M: I’ve been enjoying what Kara Good’s been up to—her “How to Build an Open Air Terrarium” guide is great!

    S: That’s funny, she mentioned she loved your work last week! You must be kindred maker spirits. Thanks for sitting down with us. We can’t wait to see that lipstain!

    Check out Marie’s guides here.

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